Seven Things: A Post Really Just For Me

I just don’t want to write something deep right now, you know? So, I thought, why not make a list. I don’t have anything special to say, so I’m going to say the most un-special things, the things I’ve noticed but would never blog solely about without some type of metaphorical meaning. That is, until today. Yes, today I will blog about all the little mundane quirks I’ve noticed about nothing in particular.

Warning: there’s no reason to read this.

  1. The first frost is coldest–how can I ever be prepared for it! Honestly, it feels the same at 50 degrees these September days as it does at 15 degrees in February (except with less risk of frostbite).
  2. Anything productive requires bending my neck down. Ugh. Literally, give me something on my to do list that doesn’t worsen my neck pain. Or even one thing that I like to do for fun that doesn’t end up kinda hurting my body. Literally try. (Walks don’t count.)
  3. Emotions feel lighter outside. The world feels bigger than I am when I can see the breadth of the sky.
  4. Nothing feels quite like finding a childhood momento that I forgot about, but still seems to pack such an emotional punch. Ex: journals from 10 year-old Michelle that sound… up-to-date? It’s strangely touching to see how God was working in my heart back then and leading me to where I am today.
  5. It’s nice when things make sense. It isn’t nice when they don’t.
  6. This list is so minor feeling-heavy. Am I cringing or am I proud? Or am I just too self-conscious? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. But if it’s true all the time, and if it’s winning all the time, then there’s no opposite of it winning aka there’s no possibility for loss, so how can it win? Don’t think about it. It’s unimportant.
  7. Now that I’m at #7, I’m thinking of “7 Things” by Miley Cyrus, and I spent way too much time an x number of years ago trying to figure out if it was really Nick Jonas in the picture she held up in the music video. Yes, I owned the deluxe CD. And yes, it was totally Nick Jonas.

Well, there’s that neck pain again from #2. Better jump off. If this is really a terrible post, then you can blame my neck pain. I just didn’t have the stamina to edit.

Although that’s kinda assuming that my other posts are both better and edited. Which… isn’t always true. Ok, bye. πŸ™‚

P.S. noticing things can actually be quite therapeutic. Please share if you make your own list. Why not? I’ll read it haha.

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